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FRES 2.9
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Precompiled 2.9
Precompiled 2.9


Computer Program FRESCO

Fresco Installation

To unpack FRESCO
	de-compress and un-tar the received file by entering:
	gunzip fres-v29.tar.gz
	tar -xvf fres-v29.tar
	rm fres-v29.tar
You then have a directory fres containing four sub-directories: source, man, test and util.

The source/ directory contains : Fortran files *.f,

The test/   directory contains : at least 6 test jobs xeta, lane20 & f19xfr,
                                             e80f49b, on2 & be11
                                 their various outputs  SUN/*.out 

The man/   directory contains the instruction manual in latex:
                      fres29.tex:  latex source 
                      fres29.dvi & postscript output
		 and the Computer Physics Reports paper.

To compile FRESCO
   1) Enter fres/source, and then edit the Makefile for your target machine,
	by setting the FC variable to your compiler
	 and FFLAGS to your preferred compiler options
	The script 'mk' attempts to guess the correct FC setting
	AND compile in a subdirectory named by ARCH-FC
	where ARCH is your local architecture type from command 'arch'.
	(if 'mk' does not run, change the first line to point to your tcsh
	 found by 'where tcsh')

   2) Compile the subroutines required by:

   3) Install, to copy fresco and sfresco to ~/bin/`arch`
		(or some other binary directory of your choice)
        make install

   4) Clean up, with:	
        make clean
   1) Enter test/ directory.

   2) The scripts include commands to construct temporary 'data' files. 
	These scripts are run by just saying  e.g.

   3) To save the output in a file .e.g. `out', run the scripts by
       lane20.job > out &
         or simply
       run lane20.job 
         to use input file lane20.job and produce output file lane20.out.

   4) If you have separate `data' or `in' files, the command is
       fresco < > lane20.out

   5) To save any other output files from fresco, e.g. fort.16 for 
      cross sections, 
         touch lane20.xsecs
         ln -s lane20.xsecs fort.16
      before running fresco.
      The file fort.16 may have to be called for016.dat on some machines.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems:

Cheers, Ian Thompson
July 2006