Coupled Reaction Channels Calculations

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Computer Program FRESCO

About Fresco

Fresco is a program developed by Ian Thompson over the period 1983 - 2006, to perform coupled-reaction channels calculations in nuclear physics. It uses Fortran 90 or Fortran 95 on Unix, Linux, Vax and Windows machines.

Sfresco is an additional version of Fresco, to provide Chi-squared searches of potential and coupling parameters, and to fit additional R-matrix terms in hybrid models.

Overview talk, March 2015.
Ian Thompson's home page.

Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics:
Principles, Calculation and Applications of Low-Energy Reactions

New Textbook
by Ian J. Thompson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California and University of Surrey)
and Filomena M. Nunes (Michigan State University)

Published 2009. Information at, and at publisher

About Xfresco    

Xfresco is a graphics interface for Fresco developed by Antonio Moro. Xfresco helps you to create and modify interactively input files to be later used by fresco. Xfresco is written in C. To provide graphical display, it uses the graphical toolkit GTK+, so before installing Xfresco you will need to have GTK+ installed in your system. x

Antonio Moro's home page.

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