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Computer Program FRESCO

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System requirements:

Fortran 90 or 95 compiler, for example
  1. The Intel f90 compiler 'ifort'  for various systems.
  2. Portland Group for Linux 'pgf90'
  3. Silverfrost (Salford) Software for Windows PCs 'ftn95'
  4. The g95 compiler for many architectures 'g95'
  5. Sun 'f90' or 'f95' for sparc processors.
  6. Nag f95 for many architectures
  7. Gfortran: GNU fortran

Fresco version 'FRES 2.9'

Version description

Source: zip, tar.gz (html) and by ftp

Installation instructions.

Fresco Precompiled: executables

Fresco version 'FRES 3.1'

Version description

Source: tar.gz (html)

Fresco Precompiled: executables


The most recent source files can be obtained from github at


Xfresco download page at University of Sevilla