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FRES 2.9
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Precompiled 2.9


Computer Program FRESCO

FRESCO Version FRES 2.9

The FRES 2.9 version of Fresco is the one developed in 2006 for public distribution. It compiles more easily on a range of computers.

The FRES 2.9 is different from previous versions 'FRXY' (etc) in not having:
parallel processing, or core-excitations between coupled-channels continuum states.
It is different from FRES 2.0-2.7 in that it does have two-nucleon bound states and two-nucleon transfers. It is different from FRES 2.8 in having Fourier-Bessel basis functions for potentials.

The FRES 2.9 differs from FRES 2.2 in having no arguments to the SECOND() function, allowing the intrinsic time function to be used, for example in g95 v0.92 and later.